(Love)Cats, 3d-printed toys, color of autumn, cocktails, and playing with (laser)light

Personal Highlights

  • Four hand lomi lomi massage
  • Hygge
  • Hacktoberfest Hackathons
  • Lovely grazing Catering by Rassasy
  • A few nice walks
  • Agile By Example conference
  • Wonderful 3D Printing conference 3d3miasto
  • Bouldering
  • Narracje Festival
  • Live concert (even though a tiny one)
  • A birthday surprise I planned went well
  • Carving pumpkin with a laser
  • Nice road-trip


Santorini, Toruń Castle, Perseid watching spot, no cats?

Personal Highlights

  • Spent vacation in Santorini
  • Cocktails in the pool
  • Splendid Greek Salad (multiple times)
  • Traveled in Smart Convertible
  • Watched sunset over Santorini (multiple times)
  • Hiked on a volcano
  • Tried the infinite pool
  • Room service with champagne
  • Prosecco in a hot tub (bubbles with bubbles)
  • Great seafood
  • Helped with ninja obstacle course…

Piotr Gaczkowski

Creator. Efficiency Hacker. Human Jukebox. Loves convenient tools and sharing knowledge. Resides at https://doomhammer.info/

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